Learning Facilitation

Amy Hubbell
Learning Facilitator

“Leaders change things for the better, inspire others to take action, and make progress towards shared goals, and we are not born with the skills to do these things. Leadership skills are not innate, bestowed upon us at birth, or because we have a title implying we are leaders by default.

Leadership and communication skills are learned and learning new skills is uncomfortable for most of us, so curiosity must be sparked, and the learning process nudged. I encourage the development of leadership and communication skill competencies, inspire authentic voices, and hold people accountable for observable actions and agreed-upon learning objectives.

Through my passionate internal drive to leave things and people better than I find them, I am contributing to making the world a better home for future generations, one skilled leader, one curious listener, one competent learner, one candid and compassionate conversation at a time.” – Amy Hubbell

Boreal Leadership LLC is an on-line and experiential leadership learning and development services provider nestled in the Northwoods on the South shore of Lake Superior. We provide custom-designed leadership learning experiences and curriculum for both emerging and existing leaders anywhere in the world online and on retreat. We spark curiosity, nudge the learning process, and encourage leadership and communication skill development.

Take the first step towards your next level of leadership and book a conversation with Amy here.

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