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Leadership on your mind? Me too!

What do leaders do?

Leaders change things for the better and inspire others to take action and make progress.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I assist and nudge people who want to become better listeners and better leaders with their learning process.

“If you aren’t uncomfortable, you aren’t learning and that’s my job (teaching and creating bearable amounts of cognitive dissonance), and luckily my passion is helping others grow and I am naturally comfortable with challenging the process and asking the difficult questions. Through my work, I want to make the world a better place for the generations to come, one better leader, one better listener, one better learner, at a time.” – Amy

What advice would you give someone who is considering trusting someone with their personal or organizational leadership learning and development?

“Leadership development is a personal learning journey and takes a long term intentional commitment of time and energy. Nothing great, including becoming an exemplary leader happens over night, in a weekend course, or from a few coaching conversations with someone who makes you feel good. If you are serious about growing as a leader, my recommendation is that you make sure you work with someone who has a leadership philosophy they can easily share with you and you agree with (because their leadership philosophy will guide their teaching approach with you) and that they share some of your personal and organizational core values.

One point I want to emphasize is before you get started with a coach, a trainer or any other learning and development professional is that you commit to the real time it takes to get better at something. If you don’t have the time or you don’t really want to become better at something, you won’t and in the end, you will have wasted not just your time, but also mine. I value time, mine and others. I also value integrity, curiosity, courage, kindness, honesty and being intentional.

Oh, and lastly, make sure they are qualified. Do they have the education, the schooling, the certifications and the experience of someone you are going to let lead you, and whose guidance and candid feedback you are going to respect, trust, listen to and learn from. In other words, do they know what they are doing? Have they and do they put in their own time to learn how to listen, to continue to learn new things, and have they ever led anyone anywhere? A good question to ask during your selection and screening process is to ask them to provide you with their definition of leadership and their personal why for doing the work they do. These questions will help clear out the ‘life coaches’ and people out just trying to make a buck. Unless of course, that is what you are looking for as investment of your valuable time and hard earned money. And don’t get me started on this new phenomenon of ‘life coaches’…” – Amy

What are some words that have been used by others to describe you and working with you?

Good question. Let’s see, some of the better words that have been used to describe me and my teaching approach are intense, patient, flexible, conceptual, thoughtful, persistent, connective, knowledgeable, prompt, consistent, insightful and prepared. Oh, and funny. (laughter)…I am sure there are some not so good words that have been used to describe me too, for sure! But you will have to do some digging and ask around to discover those. Gonna make you work for it. (laughter)

In all seriousness, I am going to be on my best behavior when I am working with my clients. I am a professional and know who signs my paycheck. When I am stressed, I get anxious, worry more than I should and can have a very loud inner critical voice that tries to take up air time and convince me all my insecurities are real when I know they are not. My stress is usually caused from the sense of ‘not having enough time’, so I am constantly intentionally practicing making sure my schedule has ample time for preparation and contemplation about how to be candid without being offensive in my role as a teacher, coach and feedback provider. Its a fine line a person walks when giving feedback to someone else. It is also a huge emotional responsibility to stay present, listen to understand, not cross the line and inadvertently cause too much cognitive dissonance in the development process because the last thing you want your client to do, is shut down during the learning process. Getting better at this leadership stuff is difficult work for people and I need to be aware of that at all times. I have a couple hours a week with my clients and there is no room for having an ‘off day’ during their hours they are paying me for.- Amy


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Practitioner Amy Hubbell has been managing teams and working with leaders for over 25 years and holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership. She is the founder of Boreal Leadership, a certified listening practitioner, leadership learning facilitator, strategic planner and experienced educator, trainer and coach. Amy founded Boreal Leadership, a virtual and experiential leadership learning services provider, to assist existing and emerging leaders with their professional learning and personal development and to selfishly satisfy her passion for teaching and love of nature. She believe true progress can’t be made without considering our connection with and respect of nature. She lives with her husband and her dog in a refurbished milk house on a hundred year old dairy farm and connects virtually (thanks to leading edge technology, fiber-optics and an innovative regional economic development effort) with her clients anywhere in the world from the majestic shores of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin. Amy believes everyone who wants to be a better leader can be. She also believes our next-generation of leaders are the learners of today, and will build an adaptable and sustainable future for everyone by learning to listen first.

When she isn’t nudging leaders to their next level of performance, you can find her reading, walking in the woods, digging in the dirt or creating in the kitchen.

Amy can be reached at

Boreal Leadership

Boreal Leadership LLC is a virtual and experiential leadership learning and development services provider. We nudge and assist emerging and existing leaders with the enhancement of listening intelligence and the expansion of leadership knowledge through the direct application of communication science and evidence-based leadership behavioral practices.

Effective leaders are listeners and learners, and become better at both through a combination of awareness and practice, no matter title, position or role.

At Boreal, our goals are your goals and to help you exceed your learning and development objectives so you will be happy enough with your Boreal Learning experience that you will tell someone about it and us unsolicited.

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You can reach Amy by email at or book a face-to-face conversation (Zoom) with her here.

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