Learning Facilitator

Amy Hubbell
Learning Facilitator

Hi! My name is Amy Hubbell and I am a certified and experienced leader, learning facilitator, and listening practitioner at Boreal Leadership. I facilitate custom-designed educational experiences on-line and on-retreat. My approach to learning facilitation is actionable, practical and flexible and is based on what you care about, your strengths and evidence-based core leadership competencies.

I believe leaders change things for the better, inspire others to take action, and make progress towards shared goals, and unfortunately, we are not born with the skills to do these things. No matter how much we want to believe our leadership skills are innate, they are not bestowed upon us at birth or simply because we have a title giving us authority and a position of power over other people. The good news is there is plenty of evidence proving leadership skills are learned, just like any other skill we develop through knowledge and practice.

Through my passion and intention to leave things and people better than I find them, my personal mission is to assist in making our working worlds better, one skilled leader, one adaptable listener, one competent learner, one candid and compassionate conversation at a time.

If you want to learn how your listening habits affect your communication with those you lead, I would be thrilled to have a conversation with you!

Book a conversation with me here.

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