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Leaders Feel Afraid

“You are going to feel afraid when you stand up in a sitting crowd, raise your hand, ask the uncomfortable question, say the difficult thing…That’s OK. Do it anyway. There is a fine line between feeling afraid and being afraid. Leaders feel afraid, but they don’t let their feelings stop them from doing what needs to be done, or saying what needs to be said. They start the conversation.”

Amy Hubbell

I Walk the Talk

My name is Amy Hubbell and I am an experienced leader and learning facilitator, a certified listening practitioner, and the founder of Boreal Leadership. I have over 25 years of professional experience managing, leading and training people and hold an M.A. in Organizational Leadership. I also hold certifications in strategic planning and organizational management.

At Boreal, I facilitate and co-create custom-designed leadership learning experiences for people who want to change things and make a difference. I listen, I instruct, I hold people accountable and I guide the leadership skill learning process on-line, in-person and on-retreat. One of my personal mottoes is, ‘there is no try’ when it comes to commitments, leading change, making a difference, and making progress towards shared objectives.

Here is what I can tell you about me, my approach and my role in our relationship. Your learning experience with me will be actionable, practical and flexible. It will be based on what you care about, your strengths, and founded on evidence-based core leadership competencies. I am flexible and I hold people accountable. I listen, I learn and I lead. So will you if you decide to start a leadership learning conversation with me.

For me, your leadership education is about meeting your expectations and meeting you where you are in your leadership development, not someone else’s. You are unique, your situation is unique, your organization is unique, the change you want to lead is unique, and I believe your learning experience should be too.

Through my personal passion and intention to leave organizations and people better than I find them, my mission, and the reason I founded Boreal Leadership is to assist in making our working worlds and communities better, one skilled leader, one adaptable listener, one curious learner, one change, and one candid and compassionate conversation at a time.

If you are ready to take the next step on your leadership learning path, and want to find out if I am a guide and instructor you can trust with your continued growth and development as a leader, I would be thrilled to have a conversation with you about your journey and where you are today, where you have been, what your objectives and expectations are, what you want to learn, what you are willing to leave behind, where you want to go, and what you want to change to get there.

Start a face-to-face conversation with me here or you can email me directly at

You will find some additional information about my professional qualifications below and you can visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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P.S. – If you are looking for a ‘life coach’, I am most likely not the right fit for you. However, I do understand life can be tough, and you aren’t expected to handle the stress and challenge alone.  Crisis support is available for all people when life gets tough – and that includes you! 


Master of Arts, Organizational Leadership St. Ambrose University, 2008

Focused Areas of Study: The Leadership Challenge®, Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model®, Leadership Practices Inventory®(LPI), Change and Adaptive Leadership, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Strategic Planning , Strategic Communication, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Management, Leadership Theory, Team Building, Leading Organizational Change, Leadership Through People Skills® (LTPS) and Ethics

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration Coe College, 2002

Focused areas of Study: Advanced Accounting, Spanish Language and Culture, Business Management and Education


Listening Practitioner ECHO Listening Profile®, 2019

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)® The Leadership Challenge ®, 2015

Organizational Management St. Ambrose University, 2008

Strategic Planning St. Ambrose University, 2010

Spanish Language and Culture Centro de Linguistica Maya, 1999


CIVIC Board of Directors

Horizons, A Family Service Alliance Board of Directors

Coe College Student Mentor

Catherine McAuley Center English as Second Language Tutor

Scholarship and Awards

Phi Theta Kappa Coe College

Crawford Coe College

Emerging Business Grant SCORE


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