Amy Hubbell

With 15+ years of leadership and management experience, a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and professional certifications in change management, strategy, planning, and listening, I specialize in leadership communication and team collaboration.

I also read, write, and think about leadership, and what it means, and what it takes to be a leader in the 21st century If you like content for leaders with a side of nature, you’ll like my blog, Notes from the North, too!

Change Partner

Find my qualifications to serve as a change guide and partner on your leadership journey outlined below.

I am happy to connect for a conversation and provide references. You can read what people have said about working with me here.


Certified Change Practitioner


Certified Strategic Planning Facilitator

St. Ambrose University

Certified Listening Practitioner

ECHO Listening Profile®

Certified Leadership Coach and Facilitator

The Leadership Challenge®

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)®

Master’s DegreeOrganizational Leadership

St. Ambrose University

Leadership Competencies and Adaptive Capacity

I have above-average standards, a passion for teaching, and a collaborative perspective. I help turn ideas and solutions into reality by developing individual leadership competencies and organizational adaptive capacity while focusing on the development of evidence based leadership behaviors and communication skills.

Connecting the Dots

One of my strengths includes facilitating learning while connecting the dots between strategy, core values, and aligning observable execution across functions, processes, and teams.

Authentic Communication and Leadership

I am curious by nature and a teacher at heart. I thrive helping individuals embrace their authentic communication and leadership styles so they can inspire, influence, and “do” the challenging work of creating and executing change and transformation with other people.

Change Partner

Serving as an advisor, coach, and change partner to experienced executives, new people managers, and individual contributors who want to learn how to lead and communicate better at work, I connect people to new ideas, different actions, better ways of doing things, and each other.


In summary, I am a knowledgeable, engaging, and experienced collaboration partner for personal transformation and organizational change – no matter your role, title, OR location. Most of my consulting and coaching services are offered virtually, excluding Boreal’s Solo retreats which are experienced in Bayfield County, WI on the majestic South shore of Lake Superior.


I am on a mission to transform the world of work one learning, changing, leader at a time.


Where you are on your leadership journey matters to me. I will meet you where you are and listen.

Let’s Connect

Want to make a difference, or something better? Want to turn your idea or solution into reality? Need your team to do something different at work? Want to communicate and lead change more effectively than just telling people what to do, or expecting them to just ‘get it’?

Then, let’s connect and determine if I am a fit on this leg of your unique journey!

The start is the most important part.


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