Meet Amy Hubbell

Organizational Development Consultant, Performance Coach & Founder

Amy Hubbell is an engaging and experienced Organizational Development Consultant and Performance Coach.


  • influences change,
  • facilitates learning and strategy,
  • develops leaders,
  • builds cohesive teams,
  • collaborates to solve problems,
  • inspires vision,
  • encourages creativity,
  • challenges the status quo,

…and is skilled at being compassionately candid.

Her passion is fostering a work environment of curios communication, continuous learning, shared responsibility, and confident collaboration.

She earned a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Ambrose University in 2008 and holds professional certifications in listening, organizational management, strategic planning, and assessment administration.

Amy is comfortable with ambiguity, skilled in delivering engaging learner experiences, has strong planning and management skills, and is interested in human behavior and change. Along with a solid understanding of business concepts, strategic alignment, and identification of talent, she can integrate strategy and align people, and activities across functions, processes, and teams.

Her differentiating strengths are curiosity, creativity, the capability of developing a strategic vision with actionable goals, and her ability to build trust quickly by living her values of integrity, honesty, compassion, curiosity, and kindness. She tells the truth, keeps her promises, and is fueled by a challenge.

She is on a personal mission to help people work better together no matter their role, title, or location.

Schedule a virtual conversation with Amy to learn how she becomes a remote extension of your team, eases the pain of learning, and inspires change.

What is it like to work with Amy?

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