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Date published: March 4, 2019

Author: Amy Hubbell

Curiosity and Leadership

Leadership skills and behaviors are learned, but not without curiosity.

Intentional curiosity fuels learning.

At Boreal, one of the core beliefs we have about leaders is they are curious. Leaders ask questions, challenge the status quo and have a desire to know and learn new things. Their minds are open to new ideas and approaches. We also believe the acts of perpetual learning, unlearning and relearning are fundamental behaviors intentionally practiced by those who desire to become better leaders.

According to Merriam-Webster, the transitive verb to learn means, “to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience; to come to realize; to inform of something; to come to know; or to acquire knowledge or skill or a behavioral tendency”.

Unfortunately, many of us have mistakenly learned and believe ‘leaders are born’ instead of ‘leadership skills are learned’ which has stopped many of us from being curious about learning how to become better leaders, stopped us from asking questions about the present ‘status-quo’ of leadership in our places of work, and stopped us from asking questions about the qualifications, ethics, morals, leadership philosophies, and values of those people who we label as ‘leaders’ by default but who may only be people in positions of authority and power using the antiquated ‘command and control’ approach to making progress towards goals.

Another one of our leadership beliefs at Boreal, is being in a position of authority or power over others, or having a certain ‘title’, does not necessarily make a person a leader by default. But that topic, the definition of the word ‘leader’ being compromised, shall be reflected upon in another nudge.


What are some of your core beliefs about learning and leadership?

Do you believe people are born with the innate skills and abilities needed to lead others or are leadership skills and behaviors learned?

Is curiosity a leadership skill?

…and if you are interested in continuing this conversation or are feeling curious and inspired to learn more about leadership? Feel free to contact us here or share your reflections in the comments.

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