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Starting the conversation. Changing the Future. Being the change. "You are going to feel afraid when you stand up in a sitting crowd, raise your hand, ask the uncomfortable question, say the difficult thing…That’s OK. Do it anyway. There is a fine line between feeling afraid and being afraid. Leaders feel afraid, but they don’t let their feelings stop them from doing what needs to be done, or saying what needs to be said. They start the conversation." - Amy Hubbell Through my personal passion and intention to leave organizations and people better than I find them, my mission, and the reason I founded Boreal Leadership is to assist in making our working worlds and communities better, one skilled leader, one adaptable listener, one curious learner, one change, and one candid and compassionate conversation at a time. Boreal Leadership LLC is a change leadership development company tucked away in the North-woods of Wisconsin on the South shore of Lake Superior. We facilitate practical and actionable leadership learning conversations designed specifically for people who want to acquire new knowledge and skills and want to change things. Start the conversation. Change the Future. Be the Change. Want to start a conversation with me?

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