Leadership Intelligence

Leadership Intelligence for an Exemplary Leadership Culture

Interested in strengthening management and leadership performance, or taking your organizational strategy and culture to the next level but don’t know where to start? We can assist by expanding your organization’s leadership intelligence with the following consulting, coaching, facilitation, and training services.

Boreal Leadership development services have always been offered virtually and will be offered in-person again starting May 1, 2021.

To learn virtually with Boreal, you must

  1. Be at home or in an office setting using a tablet or computer with a camera. The groups will take place on a video chat platform and we will want to see and hear you.
  2. Be in a location with strong WiFi.
  3. Be comfortable using a video chat platform (ex: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Facetime).

Start learning with Boreal from anywhere today!

“Absolutely, I would recommend Amy. I already have! I feel like Boreal can help other CEOs advance their teams and build a stronger structure. Completion of the ECHO inspired me to look at how I deliver information and how I receive it and what biases are involved in both transactions.  I have been able to tweak how I do things in hopes of better engaging, my staff.” – CEO, Workforce Development

“Yes!  I recommend Boreal and Amy Hubbell! Amy made me a priority.  She prepared for our sessions and it was clear she did tons of prep and thinking related to me.  I could tell she knew me and wanted to put time and effort into my leadership.  I am more confident, and more courageous.  I am less afraid to try new things, and less afraid to fail. I also believe that I think more broadly and more about the future and where we’re going. Amy allowed me to be myself.  We explored all sorts of stuff but the rapport was there for me to be vulnerable so we could really get to the issues and not just address superficial stuff.  I always felt like we were working on topics and skills that were really relevant to me.  Amy also left room for me to bring up stuff that was going on with me – right then – and that was so reassuring as I was finding my way. She’s so badass!  Just by knowing her, I’m a better leader and a better person.” – Executive Director, Non-Profit

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