Skill Based Learning

Learning with Boreal is about You

We offer:

  • Skill Based Training & Workshops
  • Executive and Management Coaching
  • Workforce Training & Development
  • Personal Learning & Custom Curriculum


We specialize in assisting modern learners with the advancement and mastery of their listening, interpersonal and leadership skills through custom-created curriculum and personal learning conversations intentionally curated for people who want to be skilled and effective communicators, collaborators, facilitators, managers, and leaders in the 21st-century.

Virtual and Personal Learning Facilitation.

One-to-one personal learning conversations and customized curriculum created for the modern learner, delivered by an experienced and certified leadership learning facilitator.

You will connect with your personal learning facilitator from anywhere and anytime it is convenient for you. These face-to-face learning conversations take place from the convenience of your computer or mobile device (with a camera and microphone). And, yes, our learning facilitation and custom curriculum services are offered in-person and on-site too!  But, if you are not located where we are, connecting with us is not a problem.

Not only does connecting virtually with your personal leadership learning facilitator save time, it is convenient, saves money and takes the environment into consideration too. Why not consider virtual learning in 2020 and say good-bye to lost time in traffic, the frustration of finding a parking spot, and the stress of driving in inclement weather? You can learn with us from anywhere.

Strategic ‘Action’ Planning

We offer facilitation of the strategic planning process with an emphasis on implementation, action, and accountability. Our approach to strategic planning is based on the process outlined in the book Strategic Planning: An Interactive Process for Leaders written by two of our mentors and past professors at SAU, Dan R. Ebener and Frederick L. Smith. If you are interested in learning more about strategic planning and how to do it interactively, I highly suggest you pick up their book. And if you are interested in learning more about how we facilitate an interactive and strategic planning process focused on ‘implementation’, we would be thrilled to connect with you and learn more about you and your organization.

Evidence-based & Statistically Valid Cognitive and Behavior Assessments

We are professionally certified to offer leadership behavior and cognitive listening assessments for individuals and teams. There are over 30,000 ‘assessments’ on the market with unfortunately very few being statistically valid and evidence based. We have spent countless numbers of hours selecting two assessments we have found to have immediate value for our clients’ leadership and communication skill development. We do not offer or administer personality assessments. 

Learning Seminars

We offer customized ½ day (4 hours) learning seminars in-person at your place of business (or other preferred location, including an online virtual space where we can all meet). Seminar topics are designed for the specific needs and interests of our clients.

Learning Webinars

We offer customized 90-minute learning sessions on-line for small groups (3-5 participants) who are interested in learning about leadership and interpersonal skills in a more modern, intimate and casual way.

Have you ever considered a ‘social detox’ or doing something different to learn?

Learning Sabbaticals and Retreats

Experience learning in a quiet retreat setting. Unplug ‘Up North’ on the South shore of Lake Superior. At Boreal, we believe getting outside of the office and into nature is one of the best ways to learn. Like all Boreal’s learning experiences, your Lake Superior learning sabbatical is designed specifically for you. No two learning experiences are ever the same.

Whether you’re looking for a learning experience with a relaxing retreat component, or for one combined with a little adventure, there’s a Boreal learning experience waiting to be custom-curated for you. Together, we will create the learning, the adventure, the relaxing, and the fun of your daily schedule to meet your specific learning objectives.

Space is limited for this one of a kind learning experience based on demand and seasonal availability. Scheduling for these quiet, challenging, and yet relaxing learning experiences for Spring, Summer and early Fall 2020 is happening now. Connect with us to make your interest known, reserve your spot, and begin collaboration for your 2020 learning adventure on the magical shores of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.

How Busy are You?

Why not consider unplugging for a couple of days and doing something different and unique with your professional development dollars and time this year?

Advance your Skills. Change your Future.

To get started on the creation of your personal skill learning experience, schedule a conversation with us.

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