Are You a Good Listener?

Unfortunately, the answer is, ‘no’. None of us are as good of listeners as we like to think we are.

According to ground-breaking listening research, each of us has a unique and preferred way of listening and filtering the information we hear, which often results in missing the important stuff in meetings, possibly unknowingly offending someone who we work with, or simply being misunderstood when we think we are giving a clear presentation.

To learn how understanding your unique listening habits (and those of others) can noticeably strengthen your communication skills and leadership abilities at work, connect with a certified listening practitioner today.

What do Boreal clients say after discovering how their unique listening habits and information preferences affect their work?

One thing that I LOVED about my Boreal Listening Learning Experience is learning that others are going to hear the same exact sentence differently; That to get someone to understand what I need them to understand, I should tailor my verbiage to how they prefer to listen. I am now approaching how I speak to others in every aspect of my life differently. Not only that, but I am listening to others differently as well. One thing I learned about myself is that even though I feel I am completely people driven; I was not giving the different types of people their due justice in the way that they communicate. I know now that I need to evaluate the individual prior to receiving info from them or giving info to them. Miss Amy – you are just a treasure and I very much appreciated getting to know you and what you do. You are simply a delight and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to staying in contact with you! P.S. I also want the entire world to get their eyeballs on your listening learning experience which means you have a lot of work to do and will have to quit with taking the weekends off!” – Executive Assistant

“Absolutely, I would recommend Amy and learning about listening habits. I already have! I feel like Boreal can help other CEOs advance their teams and build a stronger structure. Completion of the ECHO inspired me to look at how I deliver information and how I receive it and what biases are involved in both transactions.  I have been able to tweak how I do things in hopes of better engaging, my staff.” CEO, Workforce Development

“I highly recommend Boreal Leadership and learning about your listening habits.  I even shared the my personal listening profile with former colleagues and supervisors.  I know that “miscommunication” was always the word used at my former workplace and know that this program is something that the leadership team there could pull A LOT from to strengthen themselves as well. Prior to the experience, I had never considered the idea that the questions I was asking would resonate differently from person to person, or how those questions can have the same meaning but resonate differently with the same person based on how the question is worded.  It inspired me to utilize this with my team, where I asked questions from each of the 4 quadrants, to initiate more conversation.  This led to a near 80-minute meeting, filled with updates from many who typically do not offer updates, and a much stronger conversation. Wish I had taken this assessment years ago!” – Director of Industry and Innovation, Workforce Development

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