Mission and Vision

“Only the wise know that they have to be the change that they want in the the world.”


Start. Facilitate. Change.

Leaders start and facilitate the conversations that change the future.


Our mission is to facilitate the learning (and unlearning) process for people who want to become skilled, effective, and competent 21st-century leaders.


Imagine a world where people are creating, starting, facilitating, collaborating and embracing change; A world where people are perpetually learning, being adaptable listeners, and stepping up to lead when an opportunity for leadership emerges; A world where narcissism, charisma, confidence, and self-promotion are no longer associated with the word ‘leader’ or ‘leadership’; A world where people are becoming self-aware, applying new knowledge gained from hands-on experience, intentionally shifting perspectives, changing things, making progress towards adaptable goals with other people, and making a difference through actions, words, and conversations; A world where people are collaborating with one another other at work, at home, and in our communities to make things better for all; A world in candid and compassionate conversation about the changes that need to be led, and complex problems that need to be solved in the 21st century; A world being led by skilled, effective and competent leaders.


We believe leadership is fundamentally about the facilitation of change, and leaders start and facilitate the ideas and the conversations that change the future.

What do you want to start, want to facilitate, want to change?

Are you brave enough to question what you have learned so far about leadership, and consider learning something new?

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