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“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” – Unknown

Change Work for the Better One Learning Leader at a Time

We are on a mission to change work for the better one learning leader at a time by encouraging, enabling, and inspiring individual contributors, teams, and organizations to perform, adapt to change, and work better together, no matter title, role, or location.

Learning leadership with Boreal is personal. Programming is custom created (and curated) with client collaboration and based on a Three Pillar Learning Strategy consisting of Conversational Development, Customized Curriculum, and Shared Learning Experiences. The intentions of every Boreal leadership learning experience are to strengthen performance and comfortableness with change. Our goal is your unique ‘A-ha! moment’.

We believe every organization and individual contributor is unique – having different communication, connection, cooperation, and collaborative strengths and challenges. Boreal Learning Experiences are designed on the concept that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning, training, and leadership development.

Ready to learn leadership in a way that works for YOU?

We provide the following leadership development services virtually and in-person.

  • Cognitive and Behavioral Leadership Development Assessments
  • Community Building & Volunteer Engagement
  • Executive & Performance Coaching
  • Northwoods & Lake Superior Leadership Learning Experiences
  • Organizational Development & Management Consulting
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation & Board Development
  • Training Workshops & Webinars

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Boreal’s Three Pillar Learning Strategy

Conversational Development

Customized Curriculum

Shared Learning Experiences

Discomfort, Change, Progress, and Personal Growth

There is no way around it, personal growth and changing ineffective management behaviors can be uncomfortable, challenging, and downright difficult. That’s why our custom created leadership curriculum is based on developed evidence-based leadership behaviors and the science of emotional intelligence. The intention of every customized lesson, training workshop, consulting interaction, and developmental conversation is an A-ha! moment. Boreal Learning Experiences meet you where you are on your learning journey, while building on your unique skills, strengths, experience, and knowledge.

When you decide to learn with Boreal, your certified (and experienced) developmental coach and learning facilitator will question comfort-zone thinking and challenge complacency, ease the pain of learning, influence and encourage progress towards clear objectives, and help shift those ineffective ‘command, control, comply, and compete’ work habits towards credible, cooperative, connective, and collaborative leadership behaviors.

Explore the Boreal Way

We believe leadership can be learned by anyone and from anywhere. If you do too, we invite you to explore the Boreal Way of strengthening leadership skills, talent, and performance.

“Amy had a way connecting each of us to the information that was relevant to our group and individually. She was very responsive to our needs and always understanding of changes and conflicts with scheduling. My Boreal learning experience gave me a needed voice and learning opportunity. I was given several reference materials and reading suggestions to take my learning where I wanted to drive it. Every department or business professional could benefit from Boreal Leadership’s services to make their team stronger and recommend Boreal’s leadership learning experiences”

Director, Workforce Development

“Yes!  I recommend Boreal and Amy Hubbell! Amy made me a priority.  She prepared for our sessions and it was clear she did tons of prep and thinking related to me.  I could tell she knew me and wanted to put time and effort into my leadership.  I am more confident, and more courageous.  I am less afraid to try new things, and less afraid to fail. I also believe that I think more broadly and more about the future and where we’re going. Amy allowed me to be myself.  We explored all sorts of stuff but the rapport was there for me to be vulnerable so we could really get to the issues and not just address superficial stuff.  I always felt like we were working on topics and skills that were really relevant to me.  Amy also left room for me to bring up stuff that was going on with me – right then – and that was so reassuring as I was finding my way. She’s so badass!  Just by knowing her, I’m a better leader and a better person. “

Executive Director, Non-Profit

Work better together.

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