Vision to Action

Crafting one-of-a-kind learning experiences for people in leadership roles, we specialize in helping you translate your vision for different audiences and stakeholders.

Boreal’s exclusive consulting and coaching services are offered virtually, excluding our experiential 1:1 leadership development retreats on the majestic South shore of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin (presently taking reservations for 2024).

If sparking interest, stirring excitement, and inspiring others towards a new or different way of doing things is on your ‘to-do’ list, we would be thrilled to meet with you for an introductory conversation about how er can help you communicate direction in a way people want to hear it.

Connection & Collaboration


To partner and collaborate virtually with Boreal, you will want to:

  1. Be in a private setting using a device with a camera and microphone. We will want to see and hear each other.
  2. Be in a location with strong Wi-Fi or a direct internet connection.
  3. Be comfortable using a video chat platform (i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Facetime, or other).

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