Leadership learning experiences for people inspiring others to make progress.

Boreal Leadership

Boreal Leadership LLC is a virtual and experiential leadership learning services provider. We assist existing and emerging leaders with the enhancement of listening intelligence and the expansion of leadership skills through the application of evidence-based and statistically valid listening habits and leadership behaviors to real day-to-day work and life experiences.

Effective leaders are skilled listeners and continuous learners, and we believe anyone can become better at both through a combination of awareness, application and practice, no matter credentials, title, position or role.


Our mission is to nudge people to listen better, to learn better, and to inspire others to action and make progress toward goals.


The Boreal vision is a better planet being led by next-generation leaders. Leaders who are learners and listeners. Leaders who inspire others, through their own example, in their organizations and communities, towards a sustainable and adaptive future for the generations to come.

Leadership Learning Experiences

For personal growth and professional development, Boreal Leadership offers the following leadership learning experiences custom designed to meet personal development and professional leadership growth objectives.

All learning experiences are delivered by a certified listening and leadership practitioner and experienced leadership learning facilitator.

Virtual Coaching and Curriculum. One-to-one online leadership learning conversations and master-level curriculum created for the modern learner. Connect with a certified listening practitioner and experienced leadership development coach, face-to-face from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. No more lost time in traffic, trying to find a parking spot and rushing from one meeting to the next. Professional and flexible leadership learning from your very own personal leadership learning facilitator and with curriculum designed for your unique leadership learning objectives. No two leaders, learners or listeners are alike so why should your curriculum be designed for everyone? Truth is it can’t be. Our learning programming and learning experiences are designed for you, your team and your organization.

Sabbaticals. Experiential leadership learning in a quiet retreat setting. Unplug ‘Up North’ on the South shore of Lake Superior. Get outside to get inside. Listen better. Learn better. Lead better. Space is limited and scheduling for these quiet and relaxing learning experiences for 2020 are happening now. Connect with us below to make your reservations in advance.

Evidence-based and statistically valid cognitive and behavior assessments. Administration of leadership behavior and cognitive listening assessments for individuals and teams by a certified and experienced leadership development professional.

Strategic action planning. Facilitation of the strategic planning process with an emphasis on action and accountability.

At Boreal, leaders learn to lead by listening, grow by learning, and inspire others to move forward and make progress by applying listening intelligence and leadership skills to real work and life experiences.

Want to start a conversation about your custom leadership learning experience that will assist your transition from being a manager to becoming a leader? Us too! Book a conversation , connect via email or send us your questions below.

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