Creative Online Learning Solutions

Boreal Leadership LLC is an online learning and skill-building company tucked away in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We create and facilitate learning solutions for communication and collaboration challenges at work. We put objectives into action by teaching people to strengthen essential listening, thinking, and leading skills.

Costly Leadership and Management Challenges

Our customized learning and skill-building solutions inspire action and help solve costly leadership and management challenges. If you are experiencing any of the following, we can assist with a skill-building solution.

  • Communication (or lack thereof)
  • Dealing with Change and Conflict
  • Engagement, Accountability, Motivation, and Morale
  • Project and Team Management
  • Problem Solving, Decision-Making, and Creativity
  • Planning, Organization, and Progress towards Goals

Anywhere Learning!

Strengthening essential leadership competencies and skills is facilitated online at Boreal with an experienced leader, certified listening practitioner, skills coach, and virtual learning facilitator.

A-Ha! Moments | Skill-Building | Leadership Competencies

Boreal Learning Solutions are intentionally designed for a-ha! moments that lead personal growth. With behavior-based and neuroscience-based curriculum and assessments, our custom-created curriculum and developmental conversations strengthen the essential communication skills and collaboration skills needed to be an effective 21-st century contributor and change agent.

Learn to Lead by Example

Your personal online learning facilitator will meet you where you are in your leadership development, challenge comfort-zone thinking, update outdated management skills, build confidence, and inspire action towards your growth objectives.

Gain a Different and Experienced Perspective

If you are interested in gaining a different and experienced perspective on what it means to be an effective leader in the 21st-century, personal growth, and essential skill-building, while exploring creative online solutions for costly communication and collaboration challenges, we can assist.

Schedule a Virtual Conversation to Learn How

At Boreal, Leadership is about Learning and Change

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” – Carl R. Rogers

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