Meet Amy Hubbell

Founder & Leadership Development Specialist

With 10 years of experience assisting organizations and individuals with leadership skills development, I am an engaging and effective consultant, coach, and learning facilitator. I develop collaborative leaders who are ready to reflect, adapt to, and implement change. My passion is cultivating work environments and communities where curious communication, continuous learning, shared commitment, and confident collaboration can be observed in a strong performance.

I earned a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Ambrose University in 2008 and hold professional certifications in listening, strategic planning, organizational management, coaching, and leadership development assessment administration. I am comfortable with ambiguity, skilled in delivering engaging learning experiences, have strong project management and problem-solving abilities, and am interested in human behavior, communication, and adaptation to change.

Along with a solid understanding of business concepts, strategic alignment, and the identification and development of talent, my fundamental objectives are to strengthen individual performance, expand observable leadership intelligence, and integrate organizational strategy with people and activities across functions, processes, and teams. My differentiating strengths are my listening skills, my comfort level with holding people accountable, my ability to facilitate the development of a leadership performance culture with a strategic vision based on core values and clear goals, and I connect easily with different learning preferences and diverse perspectives. I am avid learner, candid, and do what I say I am going to do. Organizational challenges and performance problems are my fuel.

I am on a personal mission to change the world of work for the better by creating intelligent leadership communities and company cultures one person at a time. I help people learn, grow, and most importantly – do. I believe if you invest in learning and development initiatives, consistently think regeneratively about your organization and community, and put people’s performance before profit, you will take results to the next level and be as ready as you can be to adapt to, and lead, change when opportunities emerge. I also believe that leaders are not born with innate leadership skills but rather that leadership is an observable, identifiable, and essential set of skills that are available to anyone who wants to be a leader.

If you are interested in developing leadership intelligence and leadership behaviors, I invite you to schedule a virtual conversation with me to learn more about how I become an extension of your team, ease the pain of learning, influence organizational adaptive capacity, and assist in strengthening individual and team performance.

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