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Amy’s expertise and knowledge of leadership and the various components that make up successful leaders and organizations are of tremendous value to me.  Her ability to scale ideas and philosophies around leadership to meet my needs within the context that I work was extremely beneficial. Information, ideas and philosophies were literally tailored to my field and organization. Amy moved me conceptually away from the idea that leadership is a position, to leadership as a behavior we choose to engage in. This paradigm shift has had profound implications for the way I think about the way I approach the people I work with. I learned I’m not as deficient as I thought in terms of ability to step into leadership behaviors. Three words I would use to describe Amy are knowledgeable, personable, and articulate. Knowledgeable – She clearly knows the material she is coaching on, from books to philosophies to articles and research. Personable – I greatly enjoyed our monthly time together, she is very easy to connect with and spend time with! Articulate – She is very good at explaining and demonstrating ideas around leadership and organizational structure in a way that’s easy to understand. I recommend Boreal’s Leadership Learning Experiences! My learning experience was a much​ more beneficial experience than a one- or two-day retreat or workshop.  Getting to work on an individual basis over an extended period of time allowed me to actually learn, practice and grow while soliciting feedback and bouncing ideas off of Amy.”- Chief Clinical and Training Officer, 501c3

“I learned that I can be a leader. I have never thought of myself as a leader because I don’t match the cliché description of a leader – like being charismatic – and I am usually the one in the back of the room taking everything in. From taking the assessment, discussions, and observations during this process, I have realized that leadership is a learned skill. No one is born a leader. For me, professionally, it has helped me to feel like I can accomplish my future career goals and to pursue leadership positions. I would recommend Boreal’s learning experiences to anyone interested in improving their management skills, communication skills, or increasing their overall productivity. Communicating effectively and efficiently to all individuals not only helps individuals to be more productive in their roles within an organization, but it can also help businesses to be more productive overall by eliminating costly mistakes that can be avoided in the first place by communicating clearly. Listening and communication are skills that transcend all industries. I would highly recommend Boreal to any business or organization!” – Operations and Communication Manager, Workforce and Economic Development

“Yes!  I recommend Boreal and Amy Hubbell! Amy made me a priority.  She prepared for our sessions and it was clear she did tons of prep and thinking related to me.  I could tell she knew me and wanted to put time and effort into my leadership.  I am more confident, and more courageous.  I am less afraid to try new things, and less afraid to fail. I also believe that I think more broadly and more about the future and where we’re going. Amy allowed me to be myself.  We explored all sorts of stuff but the rapport was there for me to be vulnerable so we could really get to the issues and not just address superficial stuff.  I always felt like we were working on topics and skills that were really relevant to me.  Amy also left room for me to bring up stuff that was going on with me – right then – and that was so reassuring as I was finding my way. She’s so badass!  Just by knowing her, I’m a better leader and a better person.” –Executive Director, Social Services, 501c3

I loved learning practical advice on how I could improve my communication skills at work and at home, realizing it could be the most important thing I could do for myself and the others around me. My customized listening learning experience taught me to become more aware of myself and others and the importance of awareness at work and in life. I was definitely inspired to be better every day and had several ‘aha’ moments. I also learned that focusing on the communications solution is as vital as the actual project plan. I also realized that I need to ask for what I want. The listening skills I learned in a short amount of time are more important than most anything an individual (or company) could do to improve results. I certainly recommend Boreal Leadership’s listening learning experience to anyone who wants to be better.” – Director of Grant Administration, 501c3

I learned how my brain is working when I experience a conflict and how to engage the front of my brain instead of just reacting. I think this training will help me talk differently to people when I get upset.”-Supervisor, Utilities Industry

Amy had a way connecting each of us to the information that was relevant to our group and individually. She was very responsive to our needs and always understanding of changes and conflicts with scheduling. My Boreal learning experience gave me a needed voice and learning opportunity. I was given several reference materials and reading suggestions to take my learning where I wanted to drive it. Every department or business professional could benefit from Boreal Leadership’s services to make their team stronger and recommend Boreal’s leadership learning experiences.” – Director, Workforce Development

I learned I need to practice listening to different perspectives because we are all listening differently which means we see things differently. Amy is a very positive teacher.” – Customer Service Representative

“My Listening & Learning experience gave me valuable and specific insight into how I might better communicate with my colleagues so that we might be a more effective team. In addition to the suggestions I received in my one on one meetings with my colleagues, Amy provided additional insights by asking thoughtful questions and providing some suggestions for me to consider. One of the ideas included taking some time prior to meetings to intentionally prepare information and/or questions so that I can be more effective in communicating and specifically helping others to understand what I might be trying to convey. There were probably about half a dozen or so a-ha! Moments throughout the process. At least one with each of my colleagues and others while meeting with Amy or reviewing the information from the ECHO assessment. I would definitely recommend Boreal’s services to others, especially those who might be looking for a coach. The process was well organized, the assessment was valuable, and the conversations with Amy provided learning and insight that wouldn’t have been possible without her in-depth guidance.” –  Not-For-Profit

I learned why our Fire & Brimstone management approach does not work and learned a lot of new ways to think about things. I also learned I have a lot of bad habits I need to work on.” – CEO, Energy Industry

One thing that I LOVED about my Boreal Listening Learning Experience is learning that others are going to hear the same exact sentence differently; That to get someone to understand what I need them to understand, I should tailor my verbiage to how they prefer to listen. I am now approaching how I speak to others in every aspect of my life differently. Not only that, but I am listening to others differently as well. One thing I learned about myself is that even though I feel I am completely people driven; I was not giving the different types of people their due justice in the way that they communicate. I know now that I need to evaluate the individual prior to receiving info from them or giving info to them. Miss Amy – you are just a treasure and I very much appreciated getting to know you and what you do. You are simply a delight and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to staying in contact with you! P.S. I also want the entire world to get their eyeballs on your listening learning experience which means you have a lot of work to do and will have to quit with taking the weekends off!” – Executive Assistant, 501c3

“I highly recommend Amy Hubbell as a leadership development mentor and coach. Our organization had the privilege of working with Amy Hubbell as a leadership development mentor and coach. We had a goal to improve internal communication and to develop leaders in every facet of our organization. We are well on our way of achieving those goals and more because of the direction Amy provided. Not only is Amy sincere, she is engaging and brings the same high level of energy and interest to each session. Amy uses a format of learning that starts with self and observer assessments and includes individual and group leadership development sessions. She can identify where the individuals are at in their leadership development journey and provides sessions tailored to fit those needs. Along with the individual and group learning sessions, Amy led us through the process of identifying and developing strategic organizational goals and action plans to move our organization forward. As we went through the process, we started to create an organizational culture built on trust. Using the Leadership Challenge® traits as a foundation, we began to consistently and frequently communicate the how and why of our strategic organizational goals, mission and core values. The leadership skills I’ve gained in this process have been crucial in helping me to grow, to build a strong team, to work through conflict, to set goals and to keep everyone moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Amy Hubbell as a leadership development mentor and coach. I truly enjoyed working with her and continue to reach out to her for support.” -CFO, Not-For-Profit Organization

“Absolutely, I would recommend Amy and learning about listening habits. I already have! I feel like Boreal can help other CEOs advance their teams and build a stronger structure. Completion of the ECHO inspired me to look at how I deliver information and how I receive it and what biases are involved in both transactions.  I have been able to tweak how I do things in hopes of better engaging, my staff.” CEO, Workforce Development

“My customized leadership development training felt like it met me where I was on many levels. Amy listened to my needs and desires to become a better, more effective leader. As my leadership journey was just beginning, it was clear I needed to begin defining who I am and how to demonstrate myself, my leadership style and how I wanted to make an impact. Each session, book assignment, article, video and task propelled me to a clearer picture of myself, my team and my vision – through self-reflection, intention, and repetition. I was able to implement learned behaviors at work and home. Building trust and demonstrating my care for people have been immediate goals; along with having difficult conversations and leading by example. The Leadership Challenge® curriculum and training addressed my needs and continue to guide me daily and shape how I plan and vision for the future. I highly recommend Amy Hubbell as a leadership development trainer and coach.”  –Executive Director, Not-For-Profit

“What I appreciated about you from the get-go was the high level of effort that you bring to everything you do. You set a high standard and then perform to it, all the while keeping a relaxed if not casual feel to your interactions with others. I’ve found that to be a rare combination- I certainly struggle with that personally. It took me longer to realize how thoughtful you are about everyone around you, and how much you look out for them. The closest word I can think of for it is motherly. You’re bright enough to have insights into what is behind behaviors of others, and you are patient enough to let people grow on their own terms and in their own time. The program will miss you; I will miss you; and your work with us lives on in every minute of detail about which we have come so deeply to care. ” –Vice President, Banking and Investment Industry

Amy had a way connecting each of us to the information that was relevant to our group and individually – great response and always understanding of conflicts of scheduling. My Boreal learning experience gave me a needed voice and learning opportunity. I was given several reference materials and reading to take it where I wanted to drive it. Every department or business professional could benefit from Boreal Leadership’s services to make their team stronger.” –Director, Workforce Development

“I feel my experience this year has already grown my leadership skills significantly as well as again highlighting areas I look forward to growing in much more. So, thank you again!” Administrator, City Government

“I highly recommend Boreal Leadership and learning about your listening habits.  I even shared the my personal listening profile with former colleagues and supervisors.  I know that “miscommunication” was always the word used at my former workplace and know that this program is something that the leadership team there could pull A LOT from to strengthen themselves as well. Prior to the experience, I had never considered the idea that the questions I was asking would resonate differently from person to person, or how those questions can have the same meaning but resonate differently with the same person based on how the question is worded.  It inspired me to utilize this with my team, where I asked questions from each of the 4 quadrants, to initiate more conversation.  This led to a near 80-minute meeting, filled with updates from many who typically do not offer updates, and a much stronger conversation. Wish I had taken this assessment years ago!” – Director of Industry and Innovation, Workforce Development

“I would recommend Boreal Leadership to anyone who has a desire personally or professionally to see themselves work on a higher level, or team work more confidently and together. The process in which Boreal Leadership incorporated leadership training, personal growth, and team building components into the curriculum was nothing short of remarkable… We had a few on our team who were skeptical, but after a few sessions, realized that this was going to be the best thing for us as a unit. All the materials used were very complimentary to our work, but more importantly, pushed us beyond what we viewed as possible. Amy brings a plethora of knowledge and expertise that created a level of comfort, but also created an atmosphere that didn’t allow for pretense or laziness. She knew her work and did it with excellence. I would recommend Boreal Leadership to anyone who has a desire personally or professionally to see themselves work on a higher level, or team work more confidently and together.” –CEO, Human Services

“Your focus, dedication, and love for leadership development and the community shine through every day.” Administrator, School District

“Working with Amy on leadership is an absolute joy!  Even though I know the concepts, the discussions and exercises brought them home in a way that helped me improve my leadership style and understand why it works.” –Executive Assistant, Non-Profit

“You always encouraged us to be better, but challenged us to take it beyond face value by asking us what we were going to do about it; What action were we going to take? You demand progress and have given me the courage to do the same. I have a quote on my wall that reminds me of you and has given me courage. I hope you always keep close. The quote is from Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath” that reads:”The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man”. –Business Development Executive, Communications and Sales

“Amy was a tremendous help to us during several strategic planning sessions. Her work as a facilitator is exceptional. She is very professional, thorough, and personable. I highly recommend her for all types of facilitation assistance.” –President, Government Contracting

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for the Leadership for Five Seasons program, the Advisory Board, the program participants and volunteers, and for me personally as well. You are such a positive, inclusive, and just all around awesome person to be around that I can’t tell you how much I will miss you and the value you bring to every interaction. You’ve taught me so much about leadership and how every person has their own leadership style, but when it comes together, it can be a power to be reckoned with. I can’t thank you enough for including me in this part of your journey! I wish you and your family the very best. Please don’t be a stranger and I look forward to our paths crossing again very soon!” –Senior V.P., Banking 

“Amy simply makes you want to be a better student, colleague, and employer. Her warm yet direct approach to communicating with the people around her is textbook leadership.” –CEO, Non-profit

“You have been and continue to an absolute inspiration to me on so many levels. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!” –Public Relations Manager, Organic Food Industry

“You are such a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you for being the example and growing leaders!  Your labor of love made my time in CR sparkle & shine! You are an inspiration.” –College Student, Participant in Community Leadership Program

“While I have only been associated with the leadership program a short time, your skill, passion and enthusiasm for your work shine through”. –Sr. VP, General Counsel & Secretary, Aviation Industry

“I’m proud to have had the opportunity to go through the leadership training program under your leadership and will never forget what I learned. If you ever need constructive criticism or want to grab lunch, you know where to find me! ” –Architect, Engineering, Design and Architecture Industry

“I’ve always wanted to get myself better connected with my community. The last year and half I’ve finally started to achieve that. Much of that success is attributed to the programs you’ve help run and you personally with your comfortable approach and challenging me to participate.” –Employee Owner, Electric Industry, (Participant in community leadership and leadership round-tables)

“You’ve left an indelible footprint on the leadership program and on all the people you have touched. We were fortunate to have you on the team.” –Professor, University

“Amy was an outstanding student in our Master of Organizational Leadership program. She offers an excellent grasp of understanding the appropriate role of leadership in organizations. Her focus on getting the most out of people by being focused on developing everyone’s true potential is an asset any organization would glad to have.”  –Program Director and Professor, University

“I am writing to endorse Amy as one of the very best students I’ve met in twelve years of teaching in the Master of Organizational Leadership program at Saint Ambrose University.  She is energetic, positive, professional, reliable and very skilled in leadership people skills.” –Professor, University

“My customized leadership development training felt like it me where I was on many levels. I always walk away from our conversations with such valuable information and tools” –Executive Director, Social Justice

“I learned a lot about myself and how I listen and that I can adjust my way of listening if needed. The listening training was very insightful and engaging.” – CFO, Utilities Industry

*To adhere to the commitments of our confidentiality agreements, we do not publish the names or organizations of our clients on our website. We are happy to provide you with reference contact information upon request.*

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