Organizational Development

“The purpose of knowledge is action, not knowledge.”


Explore the Boreal Way

Boreal Leadership LLC is a professional learning and development company tucked away in the Northwoods of Wisconsin on the South shore of Lake Superior. Specializing in Organizational Development, we consult, coach, and facilitate.

Consulting Services and Leadership Learning Solutions
  • Executive, Talent, & Performance Coaching
  • Strategic Planning & Board Development
  • Organizational Development Consulting
  • Leadership Development Workshops
  • Northwoods & Lake Superior Leadership Retreats

If you are considering investing in leadership learning and development for yourself, your organization or your management team, let’s connect!

Book a Complimentary Leadership Consultation

We Meet You Where You Are

Boreal Leadership Learning Solutions meet you where you are on your personal development journey by pairing flexible learning strategies with customized curriculum, one-to-one developmental conversations, team-building exercises, evidence-based cognitive and behavioral assessments, and shared team learning experiences.

Facilitated Learning

No matter what we have been taught (or how much we wish it were true), no one is born a leader. Leadership skills and abilities are not innate. Like all other skills, leadership is learned.

Learn to Lead

At Boreal, leadership is defined as an identifiable, observable, and essential (not “soft”) set of skills and behaviors that are learned and available to anyone who has a growth-mindset, wants to learn how to be a better leader, and is willing to put new leadership knowledge into action.

Advance Leadership Intelligence from Anywhere

One of the benefits of learning leadership and consulting with Boreal is you have the option to do it from anywhere. Boreal has been providing virtual leadership learning solutions from the Northwoods of Wisconsin since 2017.

*To learn virtually with Boreal, you must:

  1. Be at home or in an office setting using a tablet or computer with a camera and microphone. Boreal Learning sessions take place on a video chat platform. We will want to see and hear each other.
  2. Be in a location with strong WiFi.
  3. Be comfortable using a video chat platform (ex: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Facetime, or other).

We Work With You, Your Schedule, & Your Budget

We understand you are busy and don’t have a lot of extra time, but if you do have two-three hours a week to dedicate to your personal and professional development we would be thrilled to work with you, your schedule, and your budget.

Connect and Collaborate

Connect with us and discover how we become a collaborative extension of your team, ease the pain of learning, and strengthen individual talent and organizational performance.

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