Start the Conversation 2020

Are you finished?

What does it mean (and what does it not mean) to be a leader in the 21st-century?

We encourage and invite you to join the conversation if you enjoy intellectual stimulation, are brave enough to question what you know about leadership, and like to consider things from different perspectives.

If you are looking for leadership listicles or leadership porn, you will not find any here. The objective of this blog is to start conversations that facilitate the learning (and unlearning) process for people who want to be skilled, effective, and competent leaders capable of critical thinking, of questioning the status quo of industrial-era management approaches and systems, and of taking personal responsibility for the perpetual learning and the communication skills development needed to build relationships and facilitate change, collaboration, conflict, and complex problem-solving.

Brave enough to question what you know about leadership?

To join the conversation about what it means (and what it does not mean) to be a leader in the 21st-century, enter your email address to the right, or fill out the form below to start a conversation with us about leadership.

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