“Leaders start things and inspire other people to change things. At Boreal, we collaborate and assist people with the starting, the learning, the listening, the adapting and the leading.”

Amy Hubbell, Founder & Learning Facilitator


Boreal Leadership LLC is a change leadership development company tucked away in the North-woods of Wisconsin on the South shore of Lake Superior. We facilitate practical and actionable leadership learning conversations and experiences designed specifically for people who want to acquire new knowledge and skills to adapt to the complex and changing demands of being a 21st century leader.

When you learn with us, your leadership learning experience is about you and your objectives, not someone else’s. Everything we teach at Boreal is tailored to you, what matters to you, the difference you want to make, and the change you want to lead.

Maybe it is time to stop commanding, controlling and ‘bossing’ and start listening, learning, adapting, and collaborating to lead change?

What are the skills you want to learn, the knowledge you want to gain, and the changes you (and your organization) need to make in order to adapt in the 21st century?

Start. Listen. Learn. Adapt. Lead Change.

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