Work Better Together

Boreal Leadership LLC is a professional services firm specializing in organizational development consulting and leadership learning solutions. We consult, coach, facilitate, collaborate, train, and solve.

Our mission is to help people work better together.

Schedule a conversation with us to discover how we become an extension of your team, ease the pain of learning, and inspire change, no matter role, title, or location.

Organizational Consulting and Leadership Development Services

Virtual 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Organizational Development

Management Consulting

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Team Building

Executive Retreats on the South Shore of Lake Superior in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

Cognitive and Behavior Assessments

Learn from Anywhere

The essential communication, collaboration, and leadership skills needed to get things done with other people, especially during times of change and disruption, are strengthened 1:1 at Boreal with an experienced leader and certified coach, listening practitioner, and learning facilitator. Our leadership learning and development solutions are offered virtually so you can learn with us from anywhere.

A-Ha! Moments and Learning Moments

Learning experiences are intentionally designed for personal ‘a-ha! moments’ that lead to personal growth and collaborative action. We pair engaging curriculum with candid developmental conversations to strengthen skills, develop confidence, and expand emotional intelligence and critical thinking.

If you decide to upskill with Boreal, your personal learning facilitator and coach will meet you where you are in your leadership development, challenge comfort-zone thinking, ease the pain of learning, inspire action towards co-created objectives, and help shift ‘command, control, and compete’ management habits towards evidence-based leadership behaviors.

Are You a Learner?

At Boreal, we believe learners make the best leaders.

One Skilled Leader at a TimeNo Matter Role, Title, or Location

If you are looking for effective learning facilitation, team building experiences, evidence-based leadership development tools and assessments, and an experienced perspective on what it means to be a skilled leader and regenerative organization in the 21st-century, while exploring learning solutions for costly communication and collaboration challenges at work, we invite you to send us an email or schedule a virtual conversation with us to learn how we ease the pain of learning and inspire change one skilled leader at a time, no matter role, title, or location.

Thank you for your consideration!

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