Change the Conversation. Lead the Future.

Boreal Leadership LLC is a leadership education based company tucked away in the Boreal Forest of Wisconsin on the South shore of Lake Superior. We facilitate practical and actionable leadership learning experiences on-line, in-person and on-retreat.

When you learn with us, your leadership education is about you and your expectations, not someone else’s. Everything we do is tailored to you, what matters to you, the change you want to lead and the difference you want to make.

We don’t believe people are ‘born leaders’ with the innate skills to lead people, nor do we believe having a position of authority by default makes a person a leader. We believe anyone who wants to be a leader can be no matter title, role or position of authority.

We also believe people who work on themselves, their personal growth, and practice skills, are in a better position to inspire and influence other people to make progress towards goals, make a difference, and change things for the better.

If you want people to learn more, listen more, do more and lead more, then you have to model those same things, and learn how to lead people without relying on your position of authority to get things done. At Boreal, we believe anyone can be a leader who wants to be and is open to learning new things.

Ready to upgrade your leadership skills and learn how to lead change and make a difference in 2020?

We invite you to start a dialogue with an experienced leader and certified facilitator or you can reach us directly by email at connect@borealleadership.com

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Change the Conversation. Lead the Future.

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